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Jun. 27th, 2014

Great News, Caboodle Supporters:

To Caboodle Ranch fans all over the world. The latest, and we hope, the last, legal issues about the fate of Caboodle Ranch were resolved this morning at a hearing in Madison County, Florida.

The hearing resulted from a story on Caboodle’s Facebook page, about a cat that escaped the 2012 raid, but found its way home to Craig. Skinny and worn, the cat returned to the ranch, and Craig was caring for it. It was a humane gesture, and one that Craig could not ignore.

But someone, possibly one of the haters, made sure the Sheriff saw the story, and Craig was served with an Order to Show Cause on the same day that the criminal charges were dismissed. He was ordered to appear at a hearing today in Madison County to explain if he did or did not violate the custody order of June 2012, which said “Caboodle Ranch may not have live animals.”

After discussing all aspects of the case, David Collins, our attorney, Craig, Mr. Reeves, the county attorney, and Judge Andy Decker, agreed to the following:

1- The cat population of the ranch, currently around 35-40, is permitted to remain there under Craig’s care for the next 90 days, after which time they are to be moved to the new location in Georgia. No additional cats will be permitted at the Madison County location.

2- The new ranch can be called Caboodle Ranch.

3- Since Craig owns the current site of Caboodle Ranch in Lee, Florida, he may still live there.

4- The Caboodle Ranch charity may collect funds until July 1, 2014, after which time it will be closed in Florida and Caboodle will have to apply for charitable designation in Georgia. That is time-consuming and will take months to be approved.

Justice was finally served, though at great cost, and lives of cats from all over the world can be saved again. People who lost jobs and homes will have a place to take their beloved pets; feral cats will find a safe haven with plenty of food, water, and shelter, and the unadoptable, unlovable cats with temperament issues, will be able to roam free on hundreds of acres in Georgia. There will be sufficient vet care and staff, and the cats will be chipped and vaccinated as soon as they arrive.
The improvements that were being made in Lee, Florida, will be incorporated into the plans of the new Caboodle Ranch.

In order to make the new Caboodle a reality, there is a great need for funding. We will publish the business plans soon, but the immediate need is again, paying for legal fees, and cat food. Please consider sending a few dollars to the Caboodle Ranch paypal or by check to Caboodle Ranch, 711 SE Benchmark Dr, Lee, Florida 32059. The amount will be tax-deductible until July 1.

Craig can finally have a good night’s sleep. It’s been two horrific years of depression, worry, and sadness. Having his animal friends around eases his pain, but he is concerned about feeding them, so please consider a donation for cat food, as Craig’s only income is Social Security.

For those who are not familiar with the history of Caboodle, here is a recap.

In Feb of 2012, the Madison County sheriff’s department, along with the ASPCA and other rescue groups, raided Caboodle Ranch. Without warning, and with intimidation and a show of force, over 600 cats were torn from their home and placed in cages in a rehabbed shelter in Jacksonville, FL.

The cats remained caged there for about 6 months, until a civil custody hearing decision gave them to the sheriff, who gave them to the ASPCA to do with as it chose. In spite of an Order by Judge Parker to the ASPCA that cats were NOT to be moved all over the state, that Craig’s personal pets were to be kept from being adopted, and that Caboodle Ranch fans were to be permitted to adopt, the ASPCA chose to violate all those requirements. Months after the adoptions, it moved the court to remove it from the case.

They held large, fee-waived adoptions in many sites in Florida. Craig’s cats were never accounted for, and Caboodle fans were screened at adoption sites and not allowed in the facilities. Craig was never told the fate of his beloved Tommy, his original Caboodle cat, or the two beautiful, Grand Pyrenees dogs, that were trained to protect the cats from predators. Imagine having your dogs just taken away, and perhaps, as we were told, given to a member of one of the ‘rescue’ teams as if they never belonged to someone else.

Please remember the actions of some of the large nationally-know ‘animal rescue’ groups when you are making donations. Consider donating locally.

The civil custody order that disbursed the cats, also said Caboodle Ranch was forbidden to have live animals until Caboodle petitioned the court. But the criminal charges had to be addressed before that could be done, and on May 31, 2014, all criminal charges against Craig Grant were dismissed. And now any lingering issues about the custody order have been resolved.

Wonderful news, and Craig is anxiously waiting the chance to fully develop his plan for a new Caboodle Ranch on property that was being leased to Caboodle at $10/year by a cat lover in Georgia.

Craig is very relieved that he is now free to start a new life in Georgia, with a gentleman who has the same interests ---save as many cats’ lives as possible. It ‘s the beginning of a new dream for them and the community in Georgia, which is whole heartedly supporting the sanctuary.

In order to get the cats safely to the new location and begin construction on the new sanctuary, we need to move fencing and buildings to Georgia, and bring in water and light. There will be two large mobile homes on the property, so Craig will have a home away from home while he is transporting animals.

To begin again, we must have a fund-raising campaign. For those who would like the deduction on taxes, please contribute before July 1. For others, we will set up a crowd-sourcing fund drive shortly and will let you know how you can be a part of resurrecting Caboodle Ranch.  

For all Caboodle fans who have supported us, who have given money, or shared the story, there are no words to express the appreciation we feel. Thank you. It has been an exhausting, stressful experience, but the support of Caboodle fans and the opportunity to save lives, has made it worthwhile.

Thank you.

Caboodle Fundraiser and Facts


Many of you have followed or supported Caboodle Ranch in Lee, Florida which Craig Grant founded in 2003. And many of you are aware of the tragedy that befell the r...anch with the deplorable and contrived raid of the ASPCA and PETA, which literally destroyed the kittie’s sanctuary.

Caboodle Ranch was established in 2003, by Craig Grant, as a “Happy Accident.”

You can read about that happy accident here:

And, you can catch up with the ranch “goings on” at the official Caboodle Blog Called: A Day at The Ranch Here: (and I suggest, if you are new to Caboodle, starting HERE: Working your way backward and then forward to the present day will give you further insight into Craig; the “cat man.”

There are several works “on hold” to rebuild what Caboodle stood for and make it a safe place for kitties to live again, whether in its current location or elsewhere...but, a number of kitties that ran off scared during the illegal raid of the ASPCA and PETA and local law enforcement...are back! These organizations worked very hard to present Caboodle in the worst possible light, and make themselves out to be “heroes” who “saved” hundreds of abused and neglected cats. But those who volunteered at the ranch, who know Craig and his love of these little “fur friends” know otherwise. When you have unlimited funds as an organization such as PETA and or the ASPCA, you can pay for whatever image you wish to project!

There are currently several cats who are residing at Caboodle. Craig cared for his kitties needs (veterinarians, food, etc.) from his own“out of pocket” for many many years.

Since the despicable raid, almost every bit of money that Caboodle had saved from donations and outside support, and the efforts on Craig’s and the volunteers, has been usurped by legal defenses forced as a direct result of the raid, and medical expenses incurred when Craig was diagnosed with PTSD due to the horrible experience and the loss of his beautiful cat friends that were confiscated by the ASPCA and PETA.

The facts are these:

Craig has little to no money left.

He is out of resources.

He has many cats to feed and care for today.

He is the best one to do that! (He has been tried and tested).

He needs financial assistance to feed these kitties because he never says NO to a little fur baby in need!

Please read Garfield’s story below and search your heart. What can you do to help him? Remember, Craig has many cats counting on him each day…

GARFIELD'S NEW LIFE: (Written by Craig Grant about one of his precious kitties)

One day my happy life with my family came to an end. I was put into a little cage which is a transporter taxi. I was scared; I pushed at the door and couldn't open it. I felt a sudden rumble and a jolt, as the car I was in took me from my home of three years.

It wasn't long before we bumped along a dirt road, all I could see were tree tops from the rear seat, then a sudden stop. Where am I? I hear dogs barking, that’s my biggest fear. My owners carried my taxi into a big building--I saw my people leaving. “Come back!” I said but they didn't hear me. I heard the car drive away. The dogs barking became louder.

A doctor put me on a table. I was held down, poked and probed with needles stuck into me, then something stuck in my neck; it was a chip I heard. Then I was carried into a big room. I saw many others like me in the little cages. They looked sad. I was grabbed by the back of my neck and put into one of the little cages. What is going on, I wondered.

There is still hope that my owners will be back, surely they will miss me.I felt like crying, doesn't anyone care? Soon the lights went out,dogs stopped barking, it became very quiet except for another orange cat in the cage beneath mine. She would later become my friend; her name is Bashful, it was her first day here too.

My cage is small. I can stand, walk in circles and lay down, being careful not to spill the water bowl. I can potty in the little box next to my nose. Where am I?! I just covered my eyes and tried to sleep. Soon the lights came on. Oh boy! Where's my little transporter taxi? I'm going home, I knew it! I knew it! More faces came and went,some looked at me but I didn't recognize any. The Dogs barked and the noise scares me. Food was put in front of me. I can't eat--I don't feel hungry. The doctor came in, checked my heart and hung a chart in front of the cage. I don't know what it says. It was a long day,lights went out again. I feel alone now and don't know what's going to happen to me.

Many days like these would follow. People came in and other cats put their paws through the bars, reaching out “take me! Take me!” I tried that; no one even looked my way. There were very pretty cats in some of the cages, doesn't anyone like orange? Bashful still cried. I can't tell her everything will be okay. I guess I will never get to go home. I saw people opening other cages, saying “how cute!”—but,what about me? I'm cute too.

I started marking off the days on the wall behind my cage. I started to sneeze and sometimes it had a little blood in it. Is that why I'm here? Soon Christmas decorations were hung on the walls, a small Christmas tree stood on a table nearby. I wonder if I will get a present. I used to climb the Christmas tree at home, it was much bigger and prettier. I would sometimes break some ornaments or they would fall to the floor. My owner would get mad. I wonder if they miss me? Will they come and see me? Poor Bashful still cries--it is a sad time for all of us.

Many more days of just sitting or standing passed, my legs don't feel right, I just want to give up. I saw cards with hearts hanging on the walls, none were for me. I don't feel loved. I'm just a number now.

One day, months later, some old guy with a cowboy hat came in, he was missing a few teeth. What the heck, I'll wave my paws at him, I see Bashful’s paw extending upward into my view. He looked at my chart,he seemed mad, but not at me. I laid back down. I just wanted to die.

A few minutes passed when all a sudden my cage door rattled and opened,I was put into the transporter taxi. Am I leaving here?! I looked back at the wall--over 150 marks were on it--and more I couldn't count. I saw the old man filling out paper work. He said “put them in my car”. I'm so thrilled, I want to cry out. I felt so bad for the others who waved their paws. I was picked. I hated to leave all the friends I had made, especially Bashful, I will miss her the most.

Soon the car rumbles to a start, a jolt, and we are on our way. Here's the bumpy dirt road again, I'm not scared now. Dogs barked and soon the sound faded. Where am I going now? I didn't seem to care. It's a long ride and I'm hot. We stopped for water along the way and that is when I caught a glimpse of Bashful! She was so scared, her eyes huge, I told her we'll be okay now, I was sure of it. We rumbled again, I went to sleep.

Soon I heard a clinking of chains on a gate being opened. I tried to keep my balance as me and my sidekick, Bashful, made our way past other cats down a trail. They all seemed so happy! My nose kept twitching,so many smells, um, the fresh air feels so good! I saw the sunshine for the first time in months.

We went into a building with no cages. One cat was on the steps. The old man said “Hi Ginger!” We were let out of the transport taxis. Iran under a table and Bashful ran up the stairs, the old man went outside. The old man came back in and opened up canned food I had never tasted before, I ate and ate! He picked me up and hugged me;and he said “no more cages for you”. Who IS this guy!

I later made a friend with Ginger, she told me the old man’s name was Craig. She said “he will take care of you and will love you very much”. I got to finally meet up with Bashful. We both looked out the upstairs windows together and couldn't wait to get outside! I saw trees swaying in the wind, I saw rain, it was the bright sunshine I loved the most. I hadn't seen the sun in so many months!

One day, Craig put me in his arms and carried me outdoors. I smelled beautiful flowers, it was springtime. I remember them from home. My nose wouldn't stop twitching. I let out a big sneeze. Craig wasn't bothered by it, he said “soon you will be out enjoying lifelike never before, and you can sneeze where ever you want.” I began to think that this is why I wasn't wanted.

Oh,I can't wait Craig! Please let me go out now! He said in a few more weeks...And within a few weeks I was outdoors! I chased butterflies, I climbed many Christmas trees, and I ran so fast! I saw birds and squirrels. I went up to other cats, some were so beautiful,but it didn't seem to matter to Craig what we looked like, we were all a happy family.

The old man called me by my name, Garfield. I ran to him, I jumped into his arms. He gave me this beautiful new home, I love him, I'm sure he will never get rid of me. He's not just an old man, but a wonderful man, I'm happier than I have ever been.

There are many stories like Garfield’s left to be told. And they will be.

Until then, would you please donate what you can just to help keep these Kitties that are currently at Caboodle fed? It really is urgent.




DONATIONS FOR CR - PAYPAL: paypal Button to donate can be found at the Caboodle Web Site HERE:


30people give 1.00 it would amount to $30.00 and is a start.

30people give 10.00 it would amount to $300.

300people give 10.00 it would amount to $3000.

A one-time gift (-OR-) as a per month pledge, would be an absolute Godsend!

(What luxury do you treat yourself to that you would be willing to “turnaround” for the kitties?)

We stand on the sidelines so often, wanting to help do something but never think we can. This is one way you can help many kitties all at the same time. We love them--They love us back. It’s so
simple. And Craig loves them most of all. He is a man who cares about them deeply. He doesn’t drive around in a fancy truck or own a luxurious home or buy himself expensive baubles! He often sleeps in his recliner in the barn just to be close to the kitties! He’s a good man, with a good, kind heart. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone better. And he will care for any lost, hurt, abused, unwanted, neglected, left-to-fend-on-their own, and despised-by-the-world ... any cat, that comes to the ranch!

He is without any income at this time and needs help just trying to feed the kitties that are currently there. Anything at all that you can do will be much appreciated! He is trying to keep his head above water, make necessary payments and pay past vet bills. His Charitable status is fully restored now, and your donations are completely tax deductable.

For those who would like to donate in other ways, if you live near a Wal Mart Dept. Store, you can purchase gift cards in any amount and send them to Craig Grant at: 711SE Benchmark Drive, Lee, FL 32059. These can be used for food and medicines for the kitties. If you live near Live Oak, Florida, that local Wal Mart can notify Craig of gift card donations received and he can pick them up personally.

PLEASE copy and paste this on your blogs/web sites/community pages! Forward to every friend and relative in your email address book. Print it out and take it to every local Humane office. Publish it in your local newspapers. Make the Caboodle Ranch situation known to your local as well as national tv and public radio stations. Every conceivable way in your communities to get the word out! This is a non-profit organization.

Thank you so much!

Feel free to write here: concerning this fund raising letter, with questions or other ways you would like to help. I am strictly a volunteer helping to get the word out at this point and most questions you have concerning Caboodle Ranch, the events of the last couple of years, Caboodle Ranch status, and or Craig, should be directed to Craig either via the face book private messaging service or by sending a letter to him at the address listed above, as I am not in a position to answer these types of inquiries,thank you.

Caboodle is still looking for an attorney who will take their civil suit on contingency for a 4-million dollar law suit against the county of Lee, Florida for the raid they conducted on the ranch. If you are that attorney, or know an attorney who would be willing, please contact us immediately!

This must NEVER ever happen in the USA again!
Again, thank you so much for your continued support.

If you support this charity and what it's trying to do for cats in need, please share and also re-post this on your Timeline Notes, just as I have done here. Thanks

Jul. 26th, 2013

I had to share this photo with you all. Craig wears these boots each day at the ranch still. He refuses to give them up because they are all his has left of the life he led with his babies. Each day he works in them and they keep is babie...s near to his heart. So it made me want to post the song that is so fitting..."A Mile in My Shoes"..
"A Mile in My Shoes"
Songwriter: JOE SOUTH
If I could be you, if you could be me for just one hour
If we could find a way to get inside each other's mind,
If you could see you through my eyes instead of your ego
I believe you'd be surprised to see that you've been blind,

Walk a mile in my shoes, walk a mile in my shoes
Hey, before you abuse, criticize and accuse
Walk a mile in my shoes

Now your whole world you see around you is just a reflection
And the law of common says you're gonna reap just what you sow
So unless you've lived a life of total perfection
You'd better be careful of every stone that you should throw

And yet we spend the day throwin' stones at one another
'Cause I don't think or wear my hair the same way you do,
Well, I may be common people but I'm your brother
And when you strike out you're tryin' to hurt me it's hurtin' you
Lord, have mercy

Walk a mile in my shoes, walk a mile in my shoes
Babe, before you abuse, criticize and accuse
Walk a mile in my shoes

And there are people on reservations and out in the ghettos
And brother, there, but for the grace of God, go you and I, yeh-heh
And if I only had wings of a little angel, well
Don't you know, I'd fly to the top of a mountain and then I'd cry

Walk a mile in my shoes, walk a mile in my shoes
Babe, before you abuse, criticize and accuse
Better walk a mile in my shoes
Try before what you're doing

Walk a mile in my shoes, walk a mile in my shoes
Oh, before you abuse, criticize and accuse
Walk a mile in my shoes...

Some Info About the Ranch

I feel I build the cats a nice home. This property was a tree farm when I bought it in 03.

I had to find a place for my cats real quick when asked to get rid of my cats. I was renting a two bedroom townhouse at $800. a month, so when I found I could get 25 acers for $1,000 a month it was hard to pass up. The problem was that I had to do a little clearing just to get n off the street. Next I had to get shelter a 10 by 32 foot utility trailer for $2,700. would have to do. By late 03 me and my babies moved out there.

We didn't have power or running water for three years. I transported all water from job sites. I would take showers at Robs, wash clothes eat dinner and take the two hour drive back to the ranch daily. I didn't mind at all, my babies along with Tommy were always happy to see me.

I've always lived good when raising three kids, doing what was expected of me. I was a good dad and owned a nice home in a sub-division up North.

Cats changed my life. I intended to build a home on the property but my values changed. I no longer needed that life style, I just seemed to be content. I didn't need material things any more and stumbled on happiness with just cats. As crazy as it all was I was the happiest man alive.

In 06 I applied for the charity after a nice write up in the Florida Times Union. A CPA helped out.. when asked what I wanted for a pay suggesting $2,000. a month, I said no, $1,000 will do, I don't want to take from my cats. I had just given up work as a contractor and needed just enough to get by.

Many cats came to the ranch after that nice write up. I had already gotten permission from Jamie at animal control stating I could have as many cats as I wanted. I build my business based on that. I've spent $300,000 and put in no less than 100 hours a week every week.

Now my business is destroyed, one of the five acre partials has been foreclosed on, another the mortgage is late, but the finance co. will work with me.

I checked with my CPA and he said as long as I am registered with the state I can accept donations. I am, and need help. I also help other rescue groups in need of cat food.

The rest of the property where the cat shelters are is paid off. In 2010 I leased the property from my name to Caboodle Ranch for twenty years so's my cats or any cats will always have a place when I pass.

Some day God willing cats will return, so please help with the overhead.




I want to thank the people concerned about me. Your support was badly needed.

Without going into to much detail I am still suffering the loss of my love ones. My happiness, my pride and lively hood is gone. Over nine years of work came to an abrupt end.

There is still some depression of course. Nanette has done a lot to help me through all this, the stress of all that happened put her in the hospital twice.

I was in a daze for a long time and have only gotten over that in the last two weeks. I also couldn't comprehend much of anything. Example of this is when I would watch TV but not follow the program. My mind wouldn't give me a break, the truama was to much.

I have had professional help and was on medication for a while. Nanette and my family had to keep close eye on me because all this was life threating.

I gave my life to these cats and fully intended to give the rest of my life to this cause. I believe cats have the right to life as we do.

The only thing that keeps me going now is the hope that I can continue my work.

It was Caboodle Ranch policy to treat sick cats that were treatable spending time and money needed to get them back on their feet.

Please continue to support this cause.


(Yesterday), the fight in the criminal case ended! Both sides met with Craig at the District Attorney's office and agreed to put an end to the criminal case! Without being able to say too much, this was a good thing. A wonderf...ul thing! And an answer to thousands of prayers! Nothing will bring the caboodles home again to their home at the ranch, that cannot be undone. However, with that door closed, another has opened.

The DA and the prosecuting attorney did not want his criminal case to go any further, therefore, presented Craig with a "Deferred Prosecution Agreement". The prosecuting attorney, Dean Morphonios, was extremely kind, articulate and forthcoming and he told Craig he was a good man, wished Craig the best and "to follow his passion". Craig will take the next 12 months to heal and to plan his future.

This agreement may have ended the criminal trial, but Craig will finish the Appeal in the Civil Suit for principal and personal reasons. We ask that no ill words towards the prosecution be said on this Face Book page. We need to be done with any and all negativity, it just poisons the heart.

Craig mourns the loss of his cats every moment of every day, that will, in time, get better. He has been very sick in mind, body and soul from this travesty. And today has been the first step to real healing. Craig plans on relocating as soon as possible, and indeed 'follow his passion'.

To say "thank you" would not even come close to what Craig and all of us feel for you, the supporters, the friends, the cat lovers. An intense appreciation of your never ending, relentless support, love and encouragement is what has enabled Craig and all of us to get through this nightmare.

Craig continues to need your support. His lawyer David Collins was so moved at the meeting, that he 'forgave' the remainder of the legal bill ! He said, "use whatever you get for saving cats". Craig will be able to save cats but not in Madison County since they have the ordinance of only 30 cats allowed. So when he relocates, his dream will continue.

Craig and the ranch team and supporters were blessed today, and we ask that you pray for every single cat that was at the ranch, including the 2 great pyrenese, that they recieve love, kindness and a forever home wherever they are.

NOTE: We hope that the ones responsible for all that has happened will some day realize that they were the ones that took so many lives of so many cats that were happy without their interference and "rightgeous" opinions. They have blood on their hands, evil in their souls and ugliness in their hearts.


Another Way To Help Craig

You can now donate to Craig's personal PayPal account at to help him out. Or through his personal campaign:

He is without any income at this time and needs help just keeping the lights on and the heat going. Anything you all can do will be much appreciated! He is trying to keep his head above water, make land payments and pay past vet bills. We have learned that the "haters" are planning on sending donatio...ns to the caboodle ranch paypal in hopes that Craig deposits it, without his 501 (c) 3 being in place yet.

They will go to ALL lengths to defame him and shame themselves to try to place fraud charges on him. With that, his lawyer said it was okay if Craig started his own personal plea for help and have it go to his own PayPal until our charity status is back in place. He said that "anyone can send money to help anyone they want, it is not illegal and not fraudulent and that private persons do not need a charity status to accept financial help!".  



I decided to take a walk yesterday afternoon through the woods and see a distant neighbor. It's a pretty walk through the pine trees. I passed by Buddy's hangout. I wrote about Buddy some years back, a 'sturdy' built black cat, a good friend of mine. If I didn't see him after a few days, me and my posse of a dozen cats would take a walk as we did many times and do a sort of 'search and rescue' mission looking for a missing cat.

I'd call "Buddy! Buddy!" I knew about where to find him. A loud yell back from him was wonderful to hear and we'd make our way toward each other. Yesterday, I walked alone. I hoped to see a stray along the way. I decided to yell out Buddy! when I neared his distant hangout. No reply as expected, I started to cry as I now am writing this. My pain runs deep.

I got to the neighbor lady's house. This is the 5th neighbor I've talked to since the raid, she said what was done was so wrong and that everyone believes this. She's taken in a few of my cats over the years, they are now her personal pets. She pointed out a young tuxedo cat that showed up after the raid. I didn't remember the cat but was happy to see he had found safety with her. She told me the little tux enjoys it there and speaks to her. This cat also loves the grandchild. The little kid can just about sit on the cat and it doesn't mind at all, she said.

Another neighbor there has had one of my cats for three years. Back then she had heard a scratching at her back door, she opened it the door and a cat walked in and there it stayed! She was so amused she adopted him..or did he adopt her? My neighbors weren't all bad, just one that I know of, he will get his one day.


I've been looking through a few old note pads of some stories I've written in the past, I will you of two cats in a moment, but first I will humor you.....

There was some ice in Path Kitty's water bowl a few mornings ago, just to show you how cold it was and can be. The 'sick ward' has a bathroom that I use. I had to shut off the power to this trailer to save money. I tell you what, that toilet seat is COLD! But by afternoon the place had warmed up and I can wash up...

Marky and Ginger, a short hair tuxedo cat with a perfect black mustache, looking like it was drawn on with a felt tip marker. The other, Ginger, is a pretty long haired torti girl. A while back, I got a call from a lady who told me her husband had died and she wanted to travel but she needed a home for his 2 cats. I was the only option.

They were so beautiful, very well cared for. I had a seperate kennel in one of the barns, I put them in it together. They were so scared, and missing their person. I would sit with them each afternoon and evening telling them it will be okay and they will love their new home. I always had to watch new arrivals to make sure they were adjusting and eating and drinking. Marky wanted to hide under the cat bed. After about a month, they had made their adjustment. When I let them out they didn't want anything to do with me those little stinkers.

Most of the time a will look around for a spot they like, and it's my job to find that spot to make sure they were okay. A few weeks passed, I spotted Ginger eating from a plate of wet food outside the sick ward, one of six feeding stations. Now to find Marky. Three weeks, four weeks, then I spotted him! He took one look at me and turned around running up the trail as fast as his little body could take him. But he's been spotted and he's fine.

After a few months, I found that they were both together and made their home in the red barn, so I would put their plates of wet food there each day. They would wait until I was leaving to eat, with one eye on me and one eye on their plate!

Ginger eventually became more daring, coming toward me at arms length, and then I finally got to touch her and pet her again. Marky was a problem, 10-20-30 feet away, I just kept talking to him and calling him by his name. Funny, each day when I put out their wet food those two watch me at a distance, they expected me to put their plates by their buliding. I did, I was trained well.

Marky and I eventually grew very close. When I head up to the back kennels I seehim waiting for me . One day day as I returned from the kennels, walking down Poison Ivy path, Marky was ahead of me and walked the whole length of the path making his way through the trees. I still can't figure out how he knew to stay on the path.

I was handing out Temptations cat treats and was sitting ont he porch of the barn, when Marky walked over to me and bumped his head against my knees, I was accepted as his friend. Marky made the trips to the kennels everyday and after awhile he wanted to be carried and snuggled on the way back. He gives me head butts and makes "biscuits" (where his paws are stretching in and out) all the way.

I enjoy telling you of these two, it's good to remember them through my stories.



Yessss !

Things are turning around for us folks. Yes, it may be baby steps but the very fact that Caboodle Ranch WILL NOT give up the fight for what is right, is finally starting to pay off.  If you read the Judge’s ruling on the ASPCA Cost Hearing, it may seem a bit confusing. Fortunately, our lawyer friend that has been a crucial part in uncovering the wrong doings of the ASPCA, made things clearer for us. Here is an excerpt from him:

“ Paragraph 2 of the findings is sweepingly broad. Notice the difference between Paragraph 3.  In it, it says there was no agency relationship for purposes of the animal cruelty statute, but paragraph 2 says there was no relationship of any kind. If paragraph 2 stands, it seems that the ASPCA committed trespass and conversion (theft essentially) when its people entered Caboodle Ranch’s land and took Caboodle Ranch’s cats and continued to hold them.

Since the ASPCA actually participated in the proceeding that produced this ruling, they would normally be precluded (by “collateral estoppel”) from challenging the factual finding in paragraph 2 in a subsequent lawsuit brought against them by Caboodle Ranch for damages. Judge Parker might as well have painted a bull’s eye on the ASPCA’s back. “

The Prosecution is putting together “an offer” soon.  One could assume they are feeling the weight of the real meaning the Judge’s ruling and are shaking in their boots.  They will not be able to prove “animal cruelty” , especially with all the contrary evidence that Caboodle’s lawyer has.

Our hope, is that in the end, this will mean that Craig and Caboodle Ranch will have their reputation restored and that the ASPCA will be under extreme scrutiny of their actions and expenditures.  We also hope that there will be a group that steps in to ‘step up’ the guidelines and fairness for small rescues and shelters all across the U.S. nbsp; Yes, of course there needs to be guidelines on health and safety but not unreasonable ones and “made up” ones that come from 3rd party personal agenda opinions.

Please pay close attention to the news of late. Recently the ASPCA has been making headlines, and not good ones.  The truth is coming out.  The ASPCA has recently had to award a circus almost 10 million dollars for wrongful actions. They have also been in the news for abuse of the animals they “rescued” that were displaced from the devastating storm Sandy.  The president resigned and they have not been able to replace him. He made a whopping 500,000 a year!  They make tens of millions of dollars in donations from hard working people.  Be watchful of what they do with  it. 

After all that has been done to Craig and the cats, and the ranch, he still has to prepare for the criminal trial. There is not a date set as of yet. We are still holding out hope that someone with a brain cell in that courthouse will drop the case and see that it is wrong and a total waste of money and time, and let Craig get on with his life. Pick up the pieces and try to get through his losses.