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I want to thank the people concerned about me. Your support was badly needed.

Without going into to much detail I am still suffering the loss of my love ones. My happiness, my pride and lively hood is gone. Over nine years of work came to an abrupt end.

There is still some depression of course. Nanette has done a lot to help me through all this, the stress of all that happened put her in the hospital twice.

I was in a daze for a long time and have only gotten over that in the last two weeks. I also couldn't comprehend much of anything. Example of this is when I would watch TV but not follow the program. My mind wouldn't give me a break, the truama was to much.

I have had professional help and was on medication for a while. Nanette and my family had to keep close eye on me because all this was life threating.

I gave my life to these cats and fully intended to give the rest of my life to this cause. I believe cats have the right to life as we do.

The only thing that keeps me going now is the hope that I can continue my work.

It was Caboodle Ranch policy to treat sick cats that were treatable spending time and money needed to get them back on their feet.

Please continue to support this cause.