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Some Info About the Ranch

I feel I build the cats a nice home. This property was a tree farm when I bought it in 03.

I had to find a place for my cats real quick when asked to get rid of my cats. I was renting a two bedroom townhouse at $800. a month, so when I found I could get 25 acers for $1,000 a month it was hard to pass up. The problem was that I had to do a little clearing just to get n off the street. Next I had to get shelter a 10 by 32 foot utility trailer for $2,700. would have to do. By late 03 me and my babies moved out there.

We didn't have power or running water for three years. I transported all water from job sites. I would take showers at Robs, wash clothes eat dinner and take the two hour drive back to the ranch daily. I didn't mind at all, my babies along with Tommy were always happy to see me.

I've always lived good when raising three kids, doing what was expected of me. I was a good dad and owned a nice home in a sub-division up North.

Cats changed my life. I intended to build a home on the property but my values changed. I no longer needed that life style, I just seemed to be content. I didn't need material things any more and stumbled on happiness with just cats. As crazy as it all was I was the happiest man alive.

In 06 I applied for the charity after a nice write up in the Florida Times Union. A CPA helped out.. when asked what I wanted for a pay suggesting $2,000. a month, I said no, $1,000 will do, I don't want to take from my cats. I had just given up work as a contractor and needed just enough to get by.

Many cats came to the ranch after that nice write up. I had already gotten permission from Jamie at animal control stating I could have as many cats as I wanted. I build my business based on that. I've spent $300,000 and put in no less than 100 hours a week every week.

Now my business is destroyed, one of the five acre partials has been foreclosed on, another the mortgage is late, but the finance co. will work with me.

I checked with my CPA and he said as long as I am registered with the state I can accept donations. I am, and need help. I also help other rescue groups in need of cat food.

The rest of the property where the cat shelters are is paid off. In 2010 I leased the property from my name to Caboodle Ranch for twenty years so's my cats or any cats will always have a place when I pass.

Some day God willing cats will return, so please help with the overhead.