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Oct. 4th, 2010

Hi folks! Fall is in the air and the temperatures are just perfect and the caboodles are loving it! Before you know it the holidays will be here! The cold temperatures will be too. We will have to stop taking in kitties for awhile as the colder nights start. Right now we a waiting list to place cats and it is taking us into November. Between December and March we won’t have the kennels in use. We are hoping to acquire another nice building after the new infirmary but that all depends on donations and availability, and that will enable us to take in some more kitties. So please be patient. I urge folks to hang on to their cats until Springtime and then contact me for an appointment. Of course there will be exceptions and we will have cancellations or space for some kitties, but for the most part, our intake will stop for the winter months. 


I am putting together our Christmas card list and I want you all to be on it! There are many folks that I don’t have addresses for that have supported us throughout the year and have either visited or brought us kitties. If you would like to receive a beautiful Caboodle Christmas card please email me your address. Your address is NOT used for any other purpose and stays 100% confidential. 

Many folks have asked me if they can donate toward future veterinary visits for Craig. ABSOLUTELY!!  That would be a huge blessing to us!!  If you send a check to Craig's local vet clinic, it will be put toward any caboodle kitty in need of treatment!  Here is the information to send your check to and be sure to make a note for them that says it is for Caboodle Ranch account :-)

Dr. John Lewis, DVM
Madison Veterinary Clinic
1309 W Base Street
Madison, FL 32340

Also to let you know, I have the 2011 Caboodle Calendars available as well, They are just 12.00 and are beautiful. Just email me with your address and I will send them out. You can mail in your payment or use PayPal. OR you can buy them directly thru Zazzle, and its a larger calendar for 20.00! We have regular and Christmas cards available as well and Christmas cards that say “A donation has been made in your name….” if you have people that are hard to buy for or are out of ideas for gifts this year! It’s a great way to donate to the ranch and a wonderful and meaningful gift! For the cards I would need the name or names of the people you are sending the cards to and let me know if you want the amount of the donation included. And again, you can either send a check or use PayPal. Just email me at kastlekats@yahoo.com


For those wanting to do something different this year for Craig and his babies, you can always send a Christmas care package! He opens all his boxes up next to the Christmas tree with the cats. And ofcourse they get the box to play in afterwards! Here is a list of everyday supplies that Craig uses and it is a huge help to him to receive these items! Some are for fun some are very necessary, pick and choose!



Hefty garbage bags – 30 gal with draw string

Paper Towels

Styrofoam Plates

Gerber baby food – turkey, chicken, ham (for hand feeding sick kitties)

Hostess Cupcakes (Craig’s favorite treat!)

Clorox Disinfectant wipes

Tide Liquid laundry detergent for cold water

Temptations Cat Treats

Revolution Flea treatment

Frontline Flea treatment

Cat nip and cat nip toys

Walmart or PetSmart gift cards


LARGER ITEMS  - Can be brought to the ranch


Kitty Condos (any and all sizes)

Extra Large heavy duty water bowls

Extra Large dry food feeders

Large colorful Cat themed garden flags

Special Kitty regular clay litter – red bag

Friskies extra large cans moist food

Purina Cat Chow- blue bag

Bales of Hay (a couple a month)


Anyone wanting to visit during the fall and holiday season, email me for an appointment!

Many blessings and Purrs!