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October Update 10-22-2010

Here's your October scoop

Dr. Lewis, of Madison Veterinary Clinic, visited the ranch this week to help give booster shots in preparation for winter. 100 Caboodles lined up on day 1 to get their shots. (They did. Seriously.) And Dr. Lewis will continue to return until all Caboodles are covered.  

Preparations are being made around the ranch to keep them warm this winter, including fresh hay in all the little houses, a new building, and replacement of old heaters. (None of this, however, can completely stop a new Caboodle from catching a cold- especially those that have been inside all their lives. But every effort is made to keep them healthy.)


September inspection:

In September, following terrible allegations from a former volunteer, Caboodle Ranch was inspected by Dr. Lewis and his assistant, Dr. Baxley. Overall they were pleased with the ranch and with the health of the Caboodles in general.

Dr. Lewis stated that “80% of the cats were in perfect health and appearance, while another approx. 10% were recovering from illness and were gaining weight and beginning to thrive. There are, however, approximately 10% of the cats that are undergoing treatments for various issues from cancer, to ear infections, to respiratory problems; with respiratory problems being the most burdensome to treat.”

He went on to tell Craig that this is something that can be made great progress with, but it will be something he’ll continue to deal with as long as he has cats.  

Among some of the suggestions Dr. Lewis made after his inspection was to have Jamie Willoughby from Madison Animal Control make monthly or quarterly inspections to Caboodle Ranch to “help head off complaints before they can fester.” (Craig and the Caboodles are always happy to see Jamie!)

No more volunteers?  

Another suggestion he made was to “Pursue the employment of a part-time clean up helper. I would suggest a high school student (less chance of getting someone with an agenda or an axe to grind) or perhaps even a retired person willing to work 2-3 hrs a day for minimum wage…”  

Because of problems with a former volunteer, Craig is no longer accepting volunteer help and has already employed someone for the part-time position mentioned. Visitors are still welcomed of course; the Caboodles love them!


Important news for anyone who is planning to leave a cat at Caboodle:

All incoming cats are required to be vaccinated against FVRCP and FeLv at least 2 weeks before arrival.
Sometimes cats are left in cages outside our gates (without any form of medical history) or worse, let loose inside the ranch without our knowledge. Please help keep our Caboodles healthy by getting the required shots before leaving cats with us.


That’s it from the ranch; thank you for all your support!