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Hi Folks! Just a note to let people know that the small band of volunteers that are working on answering emails are doing their very best, in between jobs and family life, to answer everyone’s emails. And it’s really helped that we have the emails going to specific people too. BUT, I am getting hundreds of emails a week needing to place cats at the ranch, ASAP and we just cannot keep up with them. The situation is that all newcomers have to go through an ‘adjustment period’ of about 4-6 weeks, sometimes less sometimes more, it just depends how well they are adapting to their new lifestyle, before we can release them, into the main herd. This time frame is SO important for a new cat to feel safe and secure and know and trust Craig, eat and drink on their own. They are watched very closely so that they are happy and settled in. But we can never ever let anyone out too soon in order to make room for more. So we HAVE to wait until we have space for new cats. So it does slow down the intake of more cats and we apologize for that.


We will, someday, have a huge indoor facility where we can take new cats in during the winter months, as well as during those very hot summer months. And with winter’s cold night time temperatures fast approaching we have to be very careful of kitties being outside in the kennels. So please try and be patient, I know allot of situations are urgent. For emergencies, Craig said to call him directly, (904)377-1715, and keep trying. If you get a recording it only means he is out of cell phone range at the ranch. Best times to call are between 1 and 2:30 pm and around 6-7pm. If it is not urgent we will be taking in new cats just as soon as we have the space and the weather is mild. 


You could say we are experiencing some “growing pains”, but that’s a good thing! That means more and more lives are being saved and more precious cats are getting that second chance at their happily ever after! For great news, our new FeLv/FIV center, “Annie’s Place” , will be up and running this November! An amazing generous heart is building the barn style building for these special cats and it will be cozy and comfy climate controlled home and have all the amenities that that other caboodles have. They will be in a separate fenced in 2 acres of land with this new building and many outdoor homes with lots of trees to climb, lots of sunny places to nap. We have dreamed of this for so long and now the caboodles new friend Don, is making it happen! 


We are still hoping to acquire a building for the new infirmary. Twice now plans have fallen through, where we were promised the building and then it never happened. Very disappointing and very frustrating. But we are very close and hope to have it before the year is up. Sometimes even when the funds have been raised, there is still a road block or two. We urge anyone who has any contacts with construction companies or builders that can donate a mobile office, or good condition single or double wide trailer to help us make this happen and contact either myself or Craig about the details. 


The September food drive was a HUGE success and it is still going! SO many of you amazing people donated cat food, gift cards to the ranch, It made such a huge difference for the caboodles! They have been able to enjoy moist food every single day because of your efforts!! Craig is so happy to actually have a ‘stock’ of moist and dry food! We ALWAYS need cat food so if you can help us it is so appreciated. Your gift cards to Walmart and Pet Smart has made shopping for supplies and cat food a joy for Craig, knowing that his caboodles are getting the very best.


And thank you to so many that have wanted to be added to our Christmas card list this year! And so many Caboodle calendars have been sold, a record amount! You can get your 2011 calendar through our website and click on the Zazzle merchandise. If you would like to be on our Christmas card list email me your name and address J at kastlekats@yahoo.com

Be sure to check out the live journal photo gallery for new photos I will be posting this week titled “October at Caboodle”

Many blessings and Purrs