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The Cat Man Speaks His Mind

Okay folks, hold on to your cowboy hats! This is from Craig. He said he’s held his tongue long enough. 

Many of you are aware of the slander and malicious allegations from 4 people in recent months. Yes, four. They take a photo of a caboodle cat thinking they have “evidence” of abuse and neglect and then throw their ‘story’ around the internet, seeking attention. The stories are ridiculous. Each and every photo is of a cat that had been RESCUED by the ranch. They come to us in all shapes and levels of health. They are there to recuperate and have a second chance at a safe and loving life. Not all of our cats look like our magnificent “Crackers” , who was once in the same situation long ago. We take all cats, no matter how they look or what their background is. We nurture them, medicate them, and love them back to health and happiness. Never once have these self proclaimed activists even considered that these cats are rescues. Any one that is in rescue or the running of a shelter understands, most anyone with common sense understands that a rescue facility will have cats that aren’t perfect. 

 It angers and hurts Craig and all of us with the ranch, that we would even have to discuss this. We have posted our recent assessment by Animal Control Director of Madison on this blog for all to see, that all is well at the ranch, that there are no violations whatsoever. 

 We have nothing to hide. What business, of any type, would allow the public to access all areas of their offices or premises? The only off limit area on the ranch to the public is Craig’s home and the sick ward. Only Craig, Dr. Lewis and authorized personnel go in there to tend to any cat that needs medications etc. This is not an unusual practice. All businesses, including humane societies, animal control, etc does not allow the public in their back rooms where they keep sick animals. They have nothing to hide either, it is just not for public use. Again, anyone with common sense knows this. Except these few people that have an axe to grind and a ‘mission’.

 We apologize deeply that our supporters have to be subjected to any of their rantings and we applaud you all for ignoring them and continuing to support the ranch. 

 We welcome visitors! But you still need to have an appointment. That goes for everyone. The ranch is also Craig’s home, and he opens it up to the public on Saturdays only between 2 and 4pm. We were closed for the winter so that we could have construction of our new buildings. I am taking appointments now for visitors. You will need an appointment to visit so please email me: Nanette@caboodleranch.org

 Cats get colds! No big shock to most people. Except to the ones causing trouble for the ranch, they say everyone is sick. And of course it’s not true. Just look around. We have less than 10% of the cat population getting colds. It’s winter people! Any cat with an ailment is being treated. The vet bill of 7,000.00 in the last 3 months shows that. Upper respiratory is everywhere and in every single shelter, pound, boarding facility etc. The caboodles recover faster because they have a chance to be in the fresh air. This lessens the chance of it spreading and hastens their recovery. They will be held in the sick ward if the weather isn’t favorable.

So please, when you visit the ranch, and you see a cat with a cold, it is no cause for alarm. We will have literally hundreds of gorgeous fat and healthy cats in camp, and ONE with a cold that stands out. If you choose to make comments about a cat at the ranch with a cold etc, Craig just might ask you to leave. The level of his patience is being tried to its limits. He opens his doors of his home for all to see, and when someone comes in there telling him how to run the ranch, he pretty much has had it. When they have built a ranch from the ground up, and worked 7 days a week 365 days a year, 12 hour a day, and literally put their blood sweat and tears into it, THEN they can tell him a thing or two. 

 Craig has been gracious, patient, accommodating, and proud to show people the ranch and his beloved caboodles. And he wants to continue to do so. We only ask that you respect his work and enjoy the true wonder of the ranch and all that it stands for. I hope no one takes offense to this notice. It was written with heartfelt sincerity from Craig himself. (I did exchange some words for the ones that Craig used so as to keep it professional ;-)   His final comment is : “I just want to take care of the cats. This is the most peaceful place on earth for cats, no one will take that away from them”.

An example of the lack of intelligence the trouble makers have; below is
"Van Gough" a kitty that was rescued from being put to sleep because he had cancer of the ears.  A photo was taken of him after his second surgery, when the other ear had to be removed. It was healing just fine, but they are spreading the photo of VanGough telling people how the caats are 'suffering' . Here is VanGough TODAY.  He is a cancer-free healthy happy cat:

One of our recent visitors to the ranch, who brought 5 cats to live had this to say, and she put it perfectly:

"As a physician, I am very familiar with sickness and death. I understand that the ranch provides a home for unwanted cats, many of which have been stricken with illnesses or other health concerns prior to them entering the ranch. As a pet owner myself, I know that it is quite difficult to treat animals. At least people can communicate when they are ill or in pain. I honestly believe that caboodle ranch does an excellent job of caring for the animals, despite the  obvious hardships that accompany caring for abandoned/abused/injured cats. I have read some of the comments posted on the Internet, and find them ridiculous. It's the equivalent of having someone walk in to a doctor's office and state "my goodness, there sure are a lot of sick people here. This doctor must not be doing his/her job well". I think people must realize that caboodle ranch accepts all cats, from family pets to sick and injured strays. The community's expectations must be within reason and logic. As an animal lover, I do apologize for comments made by ignorant people. I am very excited that places like caboodle ranch exist. I have taken 5 strays there myself and left them in Craig's care. I assure you that had I had the slightest notion of abuse or cruelty, I would never have allowed my cats to take up residence at the ranch. You have a long time supporter in me. Please feel free to contact me if you think that I may be of assistance."
Clara Roman MD  

From Sally who brought Craig 16 cats in August 2010 from Alabama:

"I just wanted to say thank you to you and Craig! I'm sorry for the rotten things some people are saying about Caboodle. If you remember back when we met one of the first things I said to you... "I can't leave my cats here, look at these ones", pointing to some rescue cats that looked awful. They were affectionate and loving...but the fact they weren't fat and perfect looking like my cats, scared me.... Until you made me realize you didn't make the cats look like that....they came to you like that. I think when I read your posts and you mention "the cats are rescues"..it doesn't really sink in to some people. You need to straight out tell the people Caboodle didn't make them look like that, some rotten person who chose to put more attention into other things then being responsible for the cat made the cat that way, and Caboodle is SAVING them.

I've seen recent videos and seen my cats in them, and I see in a photo Craig is holding one of my cats. I see in one of the video's she's now a greeter at the entrance lol. She was always craving affection, so its not surprising to see her near Craig a lot.

Please tell Craig I am now and will be forever grateful. He not only saved the cats by giving them a place to live, but he gave me my life back. My health has taken a turn for the better! My blood pressure is down, and my depression is rare (It wont totally go away, its hereditary). He saved my life!!! I was so depressed and NOBODY in Southern Alabama was willing to help me. I felt like my life was over. Please tell him THANK YOU! FOR SAVING ME! and for the continuous care he gives my babies I had to leave behind.

Hold your head up high!! You are touching much more then the lives of the cats!"

Sally in Salem NH
(ex:Felines In Need from Elba AL)

Many blessings and Purrs