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Another Way To Help Craig

You can now donate to Craig's personal PayPal account at craiggrantfl@aol.com to help him out. Or through his personal campaign: http://coxqmdaf.fundly.com/help-the-cat-man

He is without any income at this time and needs help just keeping the lights on and the heat going. Anything you all can do will be much appreciated! He is trying to keep his head above water, make land payments and pay past vet bills. We have learned that the "haters" are planning on sending donatio...ns to the caboodle ranch paypal in hopes that Craig deposits it, without his 501 (c) 3 being in place yet.

They will go to ALL lengths to defame him and shame themselves to try to place fraud charges on him. With that, his lawyer said it was okay if Craig started his own personal plea for help and have it go to his own PayPal until our charity status is back in place. He said that "anyone can send money to help anyone they want, it is not illegal and not fraudulent and that private persons do not need a charity status to accept financial help!".