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(Yesterday), the fight in the criminal case ended! Both sides met with Craig at the District Attorney's office and agreed to put an end to the criminal case! Without being able to say too much, this was a good thing. A wonderf...ul thing! And an answer to thousands of prayers! Nothing will bring the caboodles home again to their home at the ranch, that cannot be undone. However, with that door closed, another has opened.

The DA and the prosecuting attorney did not want his criminal case to go any further, therefore, presented Craig with a "Deferred Prosecution Agreement". The prosecuting attorney, Dean Morphonios, was extremely kind, articulate and forthcoming and he told Craig he was a good man, wished Craig the best and "to follow his passion". Craig will take the next 12 months to heal and to plan his future.

This agreement may have ended the criminal trial, but Craig will finish the Appeal in the Civil Suit for principal and personal reasons. We ask that no ill words towards the prosecution be said on this Face Book page. We need to be done with any and all negativity, it just poisons the heart.

Craig mourns the loss of his cats every moment of every day, that will, in time, get better. He has been very sick in mind, body and soul from this travesty. And today has been the first step to real healing. Craig plans on relocating as soon as possible, and indeed 'follow his passion'.

To say "thank you" would not even come close to what Craig and all of us feel for you, the supporters, the friends, the cat lovers. An intense appreciation of your never ending, relentless support, love and encouragement is what has enabled Craig and all of us to get through this nightmare.

Craig continues to need your support. His lawyer David Collins was so moved at the meeting, that he 'forgave' the remainder of the legal bill ! He said, "use whatever you get for saving cats". Craig will be able to save cats but not in Madison County since they have the ordinance of only 30 cats allowed. So when he relocates, his dream will continue.

Craig and the ranch team and supporters were blessed today, and we ask that you pray for every single cat that was at the ranch, including the 2 great pyrenese, that they recieve love, kindness and a forever home wherever they are.

NOTE: We hope that the ones responsible for all that has happened will some day realize that they were the ones that took so many lives of so many cats that were happy without their interference and "rightgeous" opinions. They have blood on their hands, evil in their souls and ugliness in their hearts.