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originally published June 2, 2009


“Patch! Patchie!”   Day after day for four years I’ve called her. She is Tommy’s sister, the one with the bee bee in her side just under her flesh. Like Tom, she doesn’t like cats either and chooses to live down the street. She picked some guys house, living under it. I’ve seen her in his drive, he has a dog that used to bark, I’d hear it from time to time. The guy would pass by the ranch on the way home from work, he’d wave when we saw each other, which wasn’t often.

I don’t know what happened, there was no sign of life at that house anymore, no dog barking, now that I think of it, not for awhile now, where is my Patch? The freshly graded dirt road shows no tire marks into the drive. I’m concerned. Could he have moved taking Patch? I call and call her for days.

Whenever I’ve called Patch, she’d show up, she may have missed a wet food feeding earlier, so I’ll walk into the woods with her can so she can eat in peace. I took a photo of her beaten path like a rut through the pine needles and leaves. Where is she? Sometimes I would see Patch late at night eating from the dry food feeder near the Receiving Center. She’ll cry when she sees me and I’ll go give her some attention and she’ll head out. It bothers me sometimes, I never know when I won’t see her again. I need to keep her home. I have considered ‘grounding’ her when I fence in this place, she’ll have to find a spot to live. 

Nanette was here the day Patch showed up. My beautiful Patch! I went to get Nanette, she’s only heard of her, now she gets to meet her. I walked ahead of Nanette so I could hold Patch, she hasn’t been around anyone in years. Patch had an injured front paw, it was time to ground her. I placed her in a cage for the first time in her life, she didn’t like it and complained for 2 days.

After treating Patch for five days I let her out. I placed a foot stool in front of her cage , it’s her ‘condo’ now and she can come and go as she wants, but she does stay at the ranch now. A For Sale sign is in front of the home now that she made her home. Maybe it’s not the same there anymore, but I’m sure glad she decided to stay with me.